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Download Creative Destriction (Fortcraft) Highly Compressed

Hello friends,welcome to topandroidgames.Guys today in this article i will give you CREATIVE DESTRUCTION (Fortcraft) Highly compressed. 

 Guys in past few days most of the friends were saying me to give us Creative destriction highly today i decided i will give you .

 Creative Destriction was launched 2 weeks ago in playstore .The game is really awesome . Now i will tell you that if you dont know about Creative Destriction (Fortcraft) then read my that article.

 Read: Creative Destriction.

 In Creative Destriction you will be dropped from the airbus and you have to come down by parachutte .After that you have to find out the Guns and You will also need some woods to build during the enemy attack.After doing these thing you have to kill your enemies and be the WINNER of the Island.

 Guys Creative Destriction is a best clone of fortnite but for andriod devies fortnite is not released yet. For IOS devices fortnite was released 4-5 months ago.Now if you are fortnite lover you can play Creative Destriction on your andriod devices . The gamre is full of fun.If you will play the game ( Creative Destriction) you will love it.

 The graphics of the game are really awesome and you will not face any kind of problem in the game regarded the graphices. The game Controls are very smooth and are easy to use .

The game controls are very easy .In Creative Destriction you have one joystick to move yout chracter,One for shooting your enemy and be the winner of the game. Also the game sounds and gameplay is good .In my opinion you should download the game today.

 Highly Compressed Download Links: 

 First of all i will tell you that you have to download all the parts (1,2,3) and remember this that dont copy any part .If you copied your game will not extract .Also download the apk.


 Part 1 : Click Here
 Part 2 : Click Here
Part 3 :  Click Here

 Game Apk: Click Here

 Install ; 

Download zarchiver from playstore or i will provide the link below.

 Download zarchiver: CLICK Here

 Now goto zarchiver and goto the folder where you downloaded the game.Click on Part 1 and click on 4th no. Extract goto Device memory》andriod》OBB and paste Now go back and Install the Apk And enjoy the game.

Game Description:- 

 Deathmatch in Wonderland 

 "Welcome to the world of Creative Destruction where everything is fully destructible! Creative Destruction is a new sandbox survival mobile game that features the utmost fun of building and firing.

 You will parachute onto a 4*4 km massive map with 13 different enchanted lands. Starting with only your Destructor in hand, you must survive a 100 player deathmatch!

 Break, build and defend! You can create or destroy battlefields via the unique workshop system. You can even unlock TPS or FPS mode to outgun and outwit your enemies! Beware, you are racing against the clock to avoid snowstorm, enemies' bullets, and ultimately death! So fight like a lone wolf or team up to unleash your inner beast.

 Come battle in this wonderland and craft your own way to victory now!"

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